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The Eclatec PIXEL luminaire offers a sophisticated lighting solution characterized by its 79mm low-profile design. This aspect makes the PIXEL luminaire an ideal choice when minimal spatial intrusion is a requirement.
Available in two body sizes, the PIXEL fitting boasts versatility through a selection of mounting options, functional components, and accessories that can be seamlessly integrated to align with the demands of diverse projects. The fitting's coherent design philosophy enables designers to create a unified visual aesthetic across entire districts. Additionally, the inclusion of a user-friendly tool-less entry system ensures effortless installation and maintenance, further emphasizing the PIXEL luminaire's convenience and adaptability.


Pixel 1

Pixel 2

Module Data

LED Number
LED Modules
Lens Type
Backlight Shield
Adjustable Current
Fixed Current
Maximum Power (W)
Lumens 1800K *Amber
Lumens 2200K
Lumens 2400K
Lumens 2700K
Lumens 3000K
Lumens 4000K


Pixel Brochure

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