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31 Queen Street (Melbourne)

AEW & Artifex Property (Client), Tango Projects (Project Manager), Glowing Structures (Light Designer), WMK Architecture (Architects), Compass Engineering Group (Engineer), McCORMACK (Builder)

Project Overview

31 Queen Street Melbourne, Victoria was a full FOS fit out in collaboration with WMK Architects, COMPASS, GLOWING-STRUCTURES, TANGO, AEW and McCORMAC. The fit out had a range of products from formalighting and VEKTA. The Dull unappreciated space has been turned into a welcoming, active environment for catchups, meetings and just a space to get away from the desk. The main highlight is the custom curved VEKTA profile which encapsulates the coffee shop providing both task and atmospheric lighting for staff and other occupants.

Products Used

Astra (Formalighting) | Cobra Linealuce (Formalighting) | Gola Pendant (Formalighting) | Pixo (Formalighting) | Terraluce (Formalighting) | Zero 66 (Formalighting) | Venus (Formalighting)

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