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Project Overview

Animates is passionate about providing the best pet supplies, pet care and services for all pets. Foremost to this is providing an excellent retail experience for customers, and the highest standard of care for pets requiring vet services.

Animates Palmerston North opened in an existing building and required a full lighting fitout to meet the Animates brand standard. This included a site-specific lighting plan, plus fulfilment of all LED lighting products. The lighting plan was based on Animates’ design standard for the lighting outputs in each area of the retail, clinic and back of house zones – 24 separate zones in total.

With a wide variety of task-based and retail lighting requirements in the Animates environment, Ecopoint was able to supply LED lighting products to suit specific requirements in each room. Including low glare options. Ecopoint worked in close consultation with the Animates project manager to determine the best lighting solution for the site, taking into account the Animates guidelines.

Products Used

600x600 Backlit Panel (Ecopoint) | 600x1200 Backlit Panel (Ecopoint) | Surface-Mounted Ceiling Light (Ecopoint) | LED Long Bay (Ecopoint)

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