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Bed, Bath & Beyond

Project Overview

Bed, Bath & Beyond had strict illumination requirements when lighting the main retail space, and back of house area at their brand-new store in Addington, Christchurch. These brand requirements reflect industry best practice and ensure a consistent treatment for lighting throughout Bed, Bath and Beyond’s retail network. The brief required 750 – 850 average lux, set 1.5 meters off the wall, to ensure the wall shelving was given illuminance all the way to the ground and not just the top shelf, enabling highlighting of all products.

Ecopoint supplied lighting design services and recommended that all luminaires were suspended at 3.5m, ensuring the best illumination for Bed, Bath & Beyond’s retail environment. With 110ᵒ optics, the Ecopoint G2 High Bay offers a wide area distribution of light, illuminating across the retail display and ensuring products are lit from the top to bottom of the display.

Products Used

G2 High Bay (Ecopoint)

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