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Project Overview

The brief was to create a corporate office for Auckland that would set a new precedent for future offices to come. The space needed to be functional and flexible. Wingate Architects said “a key part of the strategy was to embrace the identity already established in Sydney where possible while providing a mixture of informal meeting areas, collaboration zones and quiet rooms responding to a fixed desk environment. It was important to create a positive workplace that encouraged wellness and wellbeing by maximising natural light where possible”.

Wingate Architects approached JSB Lighting to address three dominant areas – front of house, kitchen breakout area and collaboration zone referred to as the “courtyard”. One of the key objectives was sophistication with a refined approach that embraced the space and materials specified. The materials specified in these areas were dominated by dark stained oak veneer wall panelling, natural oak floors, timber fins and custom joinery. It was important that the front of house lighting set a specific tone that continued to connect the two other areas. With little to no natural outlook in the Kitchen and Courtyard, it was crucial to achieve the right balance of colour temperature to ensure both spaces were inviting and became a place for staff to retreat away to. The end result was a welcoming and engaging space that was sophisticated and seamless.

Products Used

Dome 100 (Red Square), | iStart 45 (Red Square)

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