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Cornwalls Law + More (Melbourne)

Cornwalls Law + More (Client) | McCormack (Builder) | Studio 103 (Architect) | D&C Fitout (Project Manager) | Shannon McGrath (Photographer)

Project Overview

FOS Lighting have been fortunate enough to receive photos from McCormack on the Cornwalls Law + More firm which we recently supplied a variety of Frend and VEKTA fittings for. The overall fitout comprised of three interconnected buildings, which were all unique with a combination of new and old architecture. The combination of downlights, Pendants, Spots, Micro Linear and Flexi strip, allowed for a comfortable work environment while illuminating the old and new architectural features, making the office itself unique.

Products Used

Kato X (FREND Lighting) | KATO S (FREND Lighting) | KATO E (FREND Lighting) | Galaxis Pro 140 (FORMALIGHTING) | Polaris 30 Recessed (FORMALIGHTING) | Zero Compasso 100 Track (FORMALIGHTING) | Mini Cobra Linealuce (FORMALIGHTING) | VHB 1717 (VEKTA) | V1707 (VEKTA)

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