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Lot Fourteen (Adelaide)

Insight Visual (Photography)

Project Overview

Lot Fourteen, on the site of the former Royal Adelaide Hospital, is being transformed into a global precinct where ideas and innovation come to life and thousands of people will work, study and visit.

JSB Lighting worked with WSP and Oxigen to provide Red Square FLEX LED under bench lighting that illuminated the space, while adding a softening aesthetic that provided warmth.
“Located on the North Terrace cultural boulevard, the intent is to deliver a truly sustainable, mixed use commercial, institutional and technological services precinct. A key tenant is the Australian Space Agency who will partner with industry leaders and the city’s three major research universities to lead innovation and capacity-building in high-technology industries”, said Oxigen.

Further works are planned for 2021 to complete the revitalisation project, making Lot Fourteen a contemporary urban environment that boasts cutting-edge facilities for mixed purposes.

Products Used

Flex LED (Red Square) | Gregorius (TAL)

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