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Mariana Hardwick (Melbourne)

Adam Kane (Arhitect) | Tom Blachford (Photography)

Project Overview

Adam Kane Architects said;

"Downsizing to an old Victorian hotel in the heart of South Melbourne, the new boutique for Mariana Hardwick required an impressive interior to rival the size of their former Brunswick base. Taking precedence from European museums and boutiques where less is more, the layering of white through different textures and tones formed the basis to the design. Through a restrained palette of white concrete, polished plaster and linen drapery, the effect of an all-white interior seeks to provide a canvas upon which each gown is celebrated and emphasised.

The existing fabric of the old Victorian building was retained, with a modern and contemporary insertion returning the interior to its former grandeur. The project sought to elevate the traditional bridal experience by reimaging the interior layout and creating a sense of performance through the spatial-configuration of the showroom. Traditional changerooms that are often concealed from sight were instead brought front and centre, reinstated as the primary focus of the retail space. Draped in floor-to-ceiling linen, these circular changerooms set the stage for each bride who enters, attempting to heighten the experience of being fitted for such a significant piece of clothing."

Products Used

ICU70 (Red Square | iStart (Red Square)

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