Vekta Profile Pendant White Finish.jfif


VEKTA is a diverse family of linear lights, encompassing 22 different profiles designed and built for purpose. With the Integration of High-Quality LED’s in all fittings Vekta is a dependable, efficient family with realistic colour  rendering outputs.


With VEKTA ranging from micro profiles, large pendants and recessed fittings there are options for all projects.

All profiles within the VEKTA family can be customized in an array of different options to best suit your architectural vision. Options include; finishes, optics, colour temperature (CCT), mounting and power outputs. 


Further enhancing the linear light experience, profiles using Zhaga boards can be built to custom angles to provide custom shapes designed to enhance the space it is used within.

VEKTA Micro 

V0809 v2.png
V1616CR v1.png
V1707 v1.png
V1715 v1.png
V2020HR v2.png
V3535 v1.png

VEKTA Macro 

V4080 v1.png
V6060E v1.png
V60100 1 Photo.jpg
V60140 v1.png
V80100 v1.png
V100100 v1.png
V170110 v1.png

VEKTA Recessed 

V1707R v1.png
V1715R v1.png
V3535R v1.png
V60100R v1.png
V80100R v1.png
V100100R v1.png