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The ORIENTIS from Eclatec emerges as a versatile luminaire, meticulously crafted to illuminate outdoor spaces while introducing innovative functionalities.
As a luminaire, it offers an elegant amalgamation of street and area lighting solutions that seamlessly blend both practicality and visual appeal. Its adaptable nature is showcased through a wide array of mounting alternatives, purposeful add-ons, and accessories, allowing the ORIENTIS to be meticulously customized to meet the specific demands of any project. This luminaire's integrated design philosophy empowers designers to establish a coherent visual language throughout an entire vicinity.
With an array of captivating hues and three distinctive body trim options to choose from, the ORIENTIS presents an exhaustive and customizable lighting solution that seamlessly merges high-performance capabilities with the utmost elegance in design.



Orientis H

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Orientis Brochure

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